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  Videos of Accidents and Near Misses

Here are some crazy videos of bad accidents and near misses.
 You may find these to be entertaining but, please do not lose sight of the lessons contained in them.
Anything can be dangerous.
Be careful. Be aware of your surroundings. Be smart.
If it seems like a stupid idea... it probably is one.

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Warning: Some of these images and videos are graphic.
Get Out of the Road - What's worse than getting a ticket?
How Not to Get Out of a Helicopter - Never start the celebration early.
Idiot 1 - Pile driver off the roof. Nah that won't hurt at all.
Idiot 2 - Well he's obviously not Tarzan.
Idiot 3 - Only an idiot plays chicken with a train.
Idiot 4 - Needless to say, these guys failed geometry.
Insane Bike Jump - He believes he can fly... I believe he's a stupid guy.
Insane Karma Darwin - Keep the door closed while vehicle is in motion.
Intersection - Threading a needle.
Just a Bit Short - Well he's not Neo. he is definitely not the One.
Kite Surfer vs. Airplane - The title says it all.
Loose Wheel - You know it's gonna be a bad day when...
Lucky Day 1 - He is as stupid as he is lucky.
Lucky Day 2 - Thank God for trees.
Lucky Day 3 - Ole!
Lucky Day 4 - He had dreams of a race car flying over his head.
Lucky Day 5 - Just stay off the railroad tracks.
Police Foot Shoot - Be real careful even with unloaded guns, because...
Recoil - Hold on tight, it has a little kick to it.
Reno 911 Surprise! - Shoot first. Ask questions later.
School Sporting Accidents - Cheerleading and band are contact sports?
Senior Drivers - A funny thing happened on the way over today...
Sling Shot - She really is a stupid as she looks.
Snowboarding - Always check both ways before launching over the road.
Vessel Bridge Collision - Overhead clearance is an actual height.
2 Legged Dog - Video of an athletic dog with only 2 legs.
Third World Bomb Squad - Officer opens suspicious briefcase.
One Legged Dance - Man with one leg and a crutch dances.
Bangkok Market - Close quarters in a Bangkok market.
Boeing Jet Engine - Demonstration of  the power of jet engine exhaust.
A Bull's Revenge - Bull jumps into stands at a bullfight.
Charging Boar - Wild boar charges a group of hunters.
Dummies - That part of the body is not a golf tee.
F-16 vs. Bird - Can a small bird take out a war bird?.
Gun Control Witness - Must See testimony against gun control.
Impressive Surfing - One small surfer one giant wave.
Kayak vs. Orca - Guess who wins this one.
A Kitchen Oil Fire - Must See kitchen fire safety.
Leopard Attack - We call them wild animals for a reason.
Lion Attack - He is the King of the jungle, not you.
Tiger Attack - Surprise, a tiger is not as friendly as a house cat.
Monkey with a Death Wish - Monkey teasing two tigers.
Navy Helicopter - Navy helicopter misses the deck.
Playing Chicken - Mess with a bull you get the horns.
Powerful Video - What children see... children do.
Pulled In - Offshore fishing can be dangerous.
Redneck Carrier Landing - Plane lands on an RV.
Reopen 911 - 9/11 conspiracy theory video.
Saigon Intersection - What is this? Grand Central Station.
Skateboarding Dog - This puppy is a wood pusher.
WD-40 Can - Never smash a WD-40 can in a fire.
When to Crap Your Pants - The title says it all.
Hit a Deer - Images of an SUV that met a deer.
Bear - Images of a how not too release a bear.
Last Photos - Images of some last moments caught on camera.
Before Pain - That moment just before the pain begins...

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